Customers in these industries use document scanners to get the job done.

Real estate - section 32s
Finance - applicaton documents
Freelancers or travelling professionals

Education - student records, books, exam results
Hospitality - booking forms, ID
Retail - invoices, receipts

Medical - prescriptions, patient records
Corporate - forms, contracts
Legal - archiving, case files

Government - tax records, archiving
Logistics - consignment notes, batch processing
Bureaus - scanning services

The Alloys Scanner Range

Whether you need to scan company records, receipts or photos, there's a scanner designed for the job.
Portable Scanners
Perfect for people who need to scan documents on the go.
Workgroup scanners
Great desktop scanners for busy workgroups.
Departmental scanners
Designed for large workloads
Production scanners
Ultimate workhorse for high volume scanning.

How to get started

Follow these easy steps to help you get started with selling document scanners!

1. Find out how your customers scan

Here's some questions you could ask:
What types of documents need scanning?
How many people will be using this scanner?
How many pages per day?
What will you be doing with the scanned documents?
What software is being used with the scanner?

2. Speak to Warren, the Alloys scanner expert

or speak to your local Alloys representative to take the confusion out of scanning. We'd love to help you pick the best scanner for your customers' needs.

3. Visit an Alloys showroom

Get hands on with the scanners. You can even bring your customers along and samples of the documents they scan.

4. Book a free training session

Alloys hold training sessions to help you get more in-depth knowledge about how to get the most out of the scanners and software.
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