Customers in these industries use a A3 Colour Printer.

Small business
2-4 workgroup
Print shops

In-house design/marketing teams

Arts, Design and Engineering class

Design & Architecture
Colour proofing

The A3 Colour Print range

Secure, efficient and easy to use. Choose from single-function through to optional add-ons to suit your workspace.

A3 Colour Single-function
A3 Colour Multi-function
A3 Colour optional add-ons


How to get started

Follow these easy steps to help you get started with selling A3 colour print!

1. Find out what large documents your customers are printing

Here's some questions you could ask:
How many people are using the printer? e.g. <5 5-10 10+
How many prints per month? e.g. <500, 1500+, 3000+, 7000+
Do you outsource? i.e. Kwik Copy, Snap printing, etc
What kind of documents do you print? e.g Classroom posters, client mock-ups, presentations
Are the documents confidential? Security-sensitive functions can be added

2. Speak to Warren, the Alloys A3 Colour guru

Or speak to your local Alloys rep for advice on picking the best solution for your customer - we're here to help!

3. Visit an Alloys showroom

Get hands on with the printers and check out the print quality - you can even bring your customers along.

4. Nailed that sale?

Alloys offer free training sessions to help you get more in-depth knowledge about how to get the most of the printers


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